How to get my audience onboard and collect interest?


Prepare pitch


Find out what solves them now


Collect interest


Gather feedback


Additional tips for growth





1. Prepare a pitch

Check other people’s pitches for inspiration

Research pitches from successful companies to get ideas for your own

Successful startups pitch decks

Check other people’s pitches


And landing pages, too

SaaS Pages


Make slides if you want

Slides: Create web slides


! Don’t forget to emphasize “What’s in it for you” part

Check “Sales For Founders” podcast for inspiration


Decide on pricing 🌟

How to price your pre-orders?


2. Pitch! Pitch! Pitch!


  • Talk to potential users

  • Talk to influencers - get in touch with people who have existing audience. These could be people from your industry or those who could like your product. Just leave a comment under their tweet or drop a line. If you share something valuable they might like it and share it with the world. But don’t raise your hopes too high, as they are not obliged to do so. Tool that simplifies getting in touch with influencers

  • Let people migrate towards you - check if there are existing similar communities and platforms that have established audiences. Integrating with them or letting people easily switch to your product from them will allow you to grow honestly, organically and quickly. This will help if your product or community is better than or complementary to the ones you refer to.

  • Work with trends 



3. Collect interest


Gather pre-orders with these tools


And these, too

Convertkit, MailChimp, landen, wix, webflow with forms, patreon, Donationalerts, Squarespace


Gather feedback to make your pitch better 🌟

User research w/ GDocs


Then pitch again ⤴️



Additional growth tips



How big companies got their first users


Growth tips


General marketing tips and cool cases


Make guest posts to raise awareness 🌟

Where to make guest posts to raise awareness about your product






Blog Write posts and share them in communities


Word of Mouth Get it going


Do email-campaigns

Send personalized email campaigns to many people at once


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