What problems do these people have?


Find problems to tackle


Find out what solves them now


Choose the best idea to test





Analyze statistics from public sources

  1. Tableau Public
  2. Statista
  3. Google Trends
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Consumer Barometer
  6. Moody’s Analytics
  7. Pew Research Center
  8. Open Web Analytics
  9. Statcounter Global Stats
  10. Intrinio
  11. Breaking news and targeted reports of industries

Research trends in social medias and public content

  1. Discover trends trennd
  2. Discover more trends glimpse
  3. Google Alerts
  4. Google trends (stories trending now) keep in mind that Google is bad
  5. Quora
  6. Feedly
  7. Flipboard
  8. Slideshare
  9. Moz (analyze keywords)
  10. Medium (popular on Medium)
  11. Quora (top stories)
  12. Buzzsumo (search by keywords)
  13. Reddit (check for relevant communities)
  14. Linkedin Pulse (what people are talking about now)
  15. Pocket (explore, must reads, trending)
  16. EpicBeat (assisted keyword search)
  17. SocialMention (blogs)
  18. KeyHole.co (search for hashtags and keywords on Instagram and Twitter)
  19. Tweetreach.com (search by keywords)
  20. FollowerWonk (analyze twitter, has a limited free version)
  21. Twitter snapshot report
  22. Facebook Analytics keep in mind that Facebook is bad

Survey everyone

  1. SurveyMonkey
  2. Pickfu
  3. Typeform
  4. Survata

Automate your research

  1. IFTTT
  2. Zapier
  3. Microsoft Flow
  4. Spider (has a trial period)
  5. Scrapy (requires coding knowledge)

Discover problems to tackle from open idea banks (yes, it’s a thing)


Learn about existing problems from your past releases

  • Shipping can actually generate new work, because feature releases tend to generate feature requests.
  • It’s important to stay cool and avoid knee-jerk reactions. Give it a few days to settle down and then re-evaluate the situation.
  • It can be tempting to commit to making changes/fixes based on the initial reaction you get from customers, but then you will no longer have a clean slate for the next cycle
  • Saying “yes” to these right away takes away your freedom, whereas a gentle “not right now” leaves the door open to addressing the concern in the future
  • We have come full circle…these customer demands are raw ideas and will need to be evaluated, shaped, and scoped before they can hope to make it into a future cycle


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2. Find what solves them now

Research other products and founders’ stories to learn what works and what doesn’t

Successful startups

Successful indie businesses (indie hackers)

List of upcoming startups

Betapage Betalist



Analyze existing solutions to find out what to improve

  1. In google: [Insert Competitor brand name] alternative
  2. Crunchbase - check funding rounds of startups to understand the direction of venture funds’ interests
  3. Similarweb - review how many average monthly visits a website gets or where its traffic comes from.
  4. Kaggle - look for open source data sets and play with them.
  5. Owler - look up financials of different companies
  6. Pitchbook
  7. SEMRush
  8. Ahrefs
  9. Ubersuggest - analyze marketing metrics of a website


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3. Choose the best idea to test

Use these criterias and the sheet below to select the final hypothesis to test

  • High impact - your best idea will have the potential to change lives of more people for the better, in a more significant way, quicker


  • Low effort - the coolest idea will be easy to test. Coming up with a minimal version should not take more than 2 weeks, better if it’s a few days.


  • Humane - greatest ideas are not exploitative and don’t make people’s lives miserable. Choose an idea that will give people meaning and power even when the product is still in development. Give people more freedom.


  • New and untested - the right idea should be the one that you didn’t try before, it should also be original. If it addresses a new, unexlored pain point, or if it addresses an old one in a new way, then it’s the idea you need.


How can I compare existing solutions? 🌟

Use this template to compare and analyse interesting products you find and gain insights

Compare existing products and their success


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