Who are you making your product for?


Find and define your audience


Find out what communities they like


Engage in conversation with your audience





1. Find and define your audience

Try defining the people who are most likely to use your product.

This tool should help: Make My Persona 


2. Find out what communities they like

This should help you learn more about your audience. After building trust you may also want to share your idea with them 😃

Trello board template A map of communities that the audience uses


Communities list


General r/sideprojects; r/alphaandbetausers; r/betatests; r/usefulwebsites; r/ppc; r/dropship; r/advancedentrepreneur; r/entrepreneurridealong; r/juststart; r/sales Tech-oriented r/javascript (Showoff Saturday Threads); r/webdev (Showoff Saturday Threads) r/coding; r/gamedev; r/programming (Certain exceptions); r/developer r/opensource; r/opensourcegames; r/iosapps; r/androidapps r/androidapptesters; r/apps; r/webapps; r/testmyapp


For entrepreneurs and professionals

  • Product Hunt - share your product and get lots of interested people to check it! Even medias might notice it here. //Make sure your website can handle the traffic

Coda Template for launching on PH


For makers


Paid communities for makers


For software developers


For product designers and UI/UX specialists


Other communities


3. Engage in conversation

  • Choose 1 to 5 communities that your audience enjoys and refers to for advice and/or inspiration.

You can also look for podcasts, newsletters, blogs or forums. It can basically be every place where people engage in social exchange.

  • Listen carefully and learn.

Contribute by answering questions and help people out with advice. Do not spam and be respective to others.

  • Pay close attention to these people’s feelings and needs.

Talk less about yourself and more about them.

  • Repeat this on a regular basis to become a known member of the community.

It will come naturally that other community members will start recognizing you and pay close attention to your ideas and thoughts.


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